HQ Business+

HQ Business+ is Complete Inventory and Accounts Management system. Business+ is designed and built on current Technology, making it robust and extremely scalable. Business+ works with MS SQL, a very robust and stable database. HQ Business+ is designed for small and medium businesses and yet offers depth , features and functionality, generally available in large software. All its modules can be independently deployed to take care of the complete functionality they cover. HQ Business+ has simple install procedure and business models to suit any line of business. All designed for user to get started in a quick succession. It is very easy to use and anyone can start using this package.

Suitable for any business at any level like:

Manufactures, Whole Sale Business, C.A.s/Professionals, Departmental Stores, Distributors, F.M.C.G s, Electronics, Textile, Automobiles, Traders, Individuals, Doctors, Lubricants, etc ...




The Most complete inventory management in its class. Pictures and Barcodes to products. Multiple stock units and conversion factors. Product Batches, Manufacturing and Expiry. This system will start from the point when a Stock Comes into Stores. It keeps track of the status of various Branches & Stock Points. This system will have the facility to take various reports based on the user’s requirements and print them. Automation of the inventory system there by reducing the repetitive manual intervention and errors. Reduction of manual effort in keeping track of the various corresponding reports. Reports that enable the company to take necessary actions from time to time. To have quick enquiry of Stock Position.
To have quick enquiry of Customer Information.
To have quick enquiry of Vendor Information
To plan resource in a proper way.
Stock Indents
Purchase Orders
MRN(Purchase DC)
Purchase Invoice
Purchase Return
Stock Transfer-In & Out
Point-To-Point Transfers
Supplier Information
Product Category
Product Names
Transaction Types
 Registers-Sales & Purchase
Stock Point wise Stock
Closing Stock Statement
Stock Movement
Stock Ledger
Item Price List
Stock Indent Statement
Stock Position
None Moving Stock
Fast Moving Stock
Slow Moving Stock
Customer Analysis
Supplier Analysis
Item Analysis
L.R. Registers
Stock Level Management


 Complete Financial accounting including general ledger, BUSINESS & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Bank    Reconciliation etc… Accounting module enables user to have many no of reports.  Functions of the module are as follows:

Few of the main reports of this module are:

Few of the main reports of this module are:

This automates manual order management processes, freeing up time for managers to focus on core activity

User Management Module for security

It is the centrally controlled system to manage various features and options availability to respective team members.  Each user will have unHQue user id and password and they will be allowed to use only respective data and other data will not be visible for them.

It is managed through a different User Name & Password offered. These users are called Admin Users and they are offered with different features. Admin Module offers the required functionality to handle the Application Users will have different options and they are as follows:

This information will be used across the website to make users and administrators to manage in a easy way.  This Status can be modified by Administrators by logging into the site with their user name & password.