HQ Pawn Soft

HQ SOFT TECHNOLOGIES have now launched HQ PAWN SOFT for gold financiers or pawn brokers. This gold finance software has come up with lots of features which completely vanishes manual work, enabling you with high security for your data. Manual books or registers are not needed to maintain your data. HQ PAWN SOFT provides advanced statistical and graphical reports ,which gives you the complete insight about your business and a sharp eye into your business ups and downs. Its user friendly capability makes you interact with the software easier and comfortable. HQ PAWN SOFT one touch capability with rapid working speed gives you fast analysis of customers and loans.

HQ PAWN SOFT is fully integrated with financial accounts and avoids the need for separate accounting packages. HQ PAWN SOFT customizable features helped us to establish our customer base in all parts of the country. HQ PAWN SOFT applies best technology in the market and adapts few near future technologies that keeps pawnbrokers on the edge of updated technology. It keeps you live even in your absence in the pawn shop. HQ PAWN SOFT security enabled technology keeps you updated about the status of your business, no matter where you are. Its advanced security restricts the user for any kind of mishandling, and any kind of mishandlings are immediately updated to you with mobile sms or through mail alerts. HQ PAWN SOFT enables pawnbrokers for multiple interest maintenance.

Features Of HQ PAWN SOFT:

General Features:


Access to HQ PAWN SOFT is restricted by passwords. Besides sensitive information can be viewed, printed or changed only by using a special password.

Zooming :

HQ PAWN SOFT comes with powerful zooming facility in almost all reports.

Also On LAN :

HQ PAWN SOFT is also available for use on Networks which means that several persons can simultaneously enter transactions while a chosen few keep a track of Reports.

Backed By HQ Expertise :

HQ PAWN SOFT comes to you from HQ SOFT TECHNOLOGIES, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software. HQ PAWN SOFT is backed by HQ SOFT TECHNOLOGIES Comprehensive support & hands-on-training.