HQ Pharma+

Simple yet sophisticated, Pharmacy is a versatile software solution that cuts down Reports generation time and increases quality & accuracy of the information. Margin on Item(s) / Customer(s), Sales Invoice, Party Ledger, Batch-wise Stock Position Report, Sales Analysis Report, Customer / Supplier Enquiry, Debit Note, Credit Note etc. can be generated at the press of a key.

Pharmacy has special features like Enquiry, Zooming and Analysis with full security features. These reports can either be viewed on Screen or printed or exported. Pharmacy can generate instant up-to-date Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statements, Ledgers and information on Batch-wise Stock Position, Area-wise or Collection-boy-wise Outstanding Statements and many more. All these will lead to full utilization of manpower, and enhances business.

Features of HQ Pharmacy

Easy to Use:

Pharmacy is so simple and easy to understand and use. It is not necessary to know more about computers. A person having typing knowledge and some accounting knowledge can master this software in NO TIME. On-line help and Multimedia Tutorial are available at any point of time at the PRESS OF A KEY, so that you can learn at your convenient time.

Invoice Generation:

All necessary care has been taken in Invoice Generation option which includes Rear Movement Facility, Batch-wise Stock Position Status, Entire Document View on Screen at any given point of time, Modification of items till the Total Invoice is saved, definable parameters etc. Apart from the ready-to use Plain Paper format available, Pharmacy also helps in generation of invoice formats according to the user's requirements.

Touch Screen Compatibility :

This package is developed with latest technology and hence, it can offer various technical capabilities like Touch Screen control. That means, you can use this application, with help of your finger alone. Temporary Credit (T.C) Handling: Unlike general credits, the concept of T.C is to summarize sale bills in daybook and yet monitor those in detail. Only three accounts, T.C Memo Generation, T.C Account Ledger, T.C Account Balances and T.C Ageing Reports. Hassle Free: Automatic Updating of Ledger to Balance Sheet within seconds. No month-end closing Routines Previous transactions can also be modified at any time with Password. View all information on Screen Save time and paper Pre-definable narrations, recall to use, which saves data entry time. On-line Help & Multimedia Tutorial. Option to Monitor Inventory & Accounts Separately

Purchase Bills Verification :

While entering Purchase bills, the bills including Purchase Rate Calculation, Sale Rate Calculation along with Taxes, Discounts etc. can be verified. Entire Stock is monitored through Batches. Expiry Dates can also be monitored. Checklist for Purchases in desired format to cross verify the purchase bills can also be generated. Stock & Inventory Control Statements : Pharmacy can generate all stock related reports and analysis reports based on purchases and sales. Reports like stock position, Stock & Sale Statement, Non-moving Stock, Excess Stock Holding Report, To be expired Stock Reports and Sales Analysis help immensely in keeping control over inventory.

Margin Statements:

Pharmasoft is provided with powerful Margin Statements. It even calculates the interest loss for stock holding period and provides comprehensive view on net margins. Net Margins can be arrived for Any Item / Any Item Group or company / Any Customer / Any Supplier / Any Area etc.. This is useful to have focus on Net Profits and reduce non-moving stock.

Enquiry Statements:

Even while you are talking to your customer / supplier over phone, just with a single click, you can browse entire information about him directly from the screen like Sales, Receipts, Monthly Balances, Graph, customer's Item-wise Sales and so on.

Receivables Payables Monitoring :

Pharmasoft helps in monitoring Receivables & Payables once sales, purchases, receipts and payments have been entered. Reports like Town-wise, Area-wise, Salesman-wise, Group-wise, Sub-Group-wise outstanding, Ageing Analysis can be generated to gain more control on Receivables and Payables.

On-Line Financial Accounting :

The moment the daybook is saved, any kind of reports like Daybook, General Ledger, Trial Balance, P & L Account, Balance Sheet and many more can be generated. It is possible even to go to the previous day/month data and modify as per the user's requirements and within seconds, the reports get updated.

Zooming :

Pharmacy comes with powerful zooming facility in almost all reports. That means while viewing Stock & sale Statement, with a click, one can zoom for Company-wise, items and subsequently, Item-wise summery. From Balance Sheet, one can zoom for profit & Loss or Debtors List or Creditors list or to Voucher with just couple of clicks.

Security :

Access to Pharmacy is restricted by passwords with the support of User Manager. You can define feature level control for any user. Besides, sensitive information can be viewed, printed or changed only by using an admin password .