HQ Rest Soft

HQ RESTAURANT - Hotel Management Software is designed for Restaurants/Hotels, which can completely monitor all the Activities of a Hotel, the modules being Reservation & Guest Accounting Module, Restaurant Billing & Analysis Module, Financial Accounting Module and Inventory Management Module . Dependable Online Restaurant Billing System and Room Reservation System.

This Software Module helps in management of KOTs, Bills, Receipts and enables the Hotel Management in saving their time. Through Room Reservation Module, Room Reservations, Room No. Enquiry is possible.

Features of HQ RESTAURANT :

Easy to Use :

HQ RESTAURANT is so simple to understand and use. Anyone can be trained to master it in less than a day. A person having typing knowledge and some accounting knowledge can master this software in no time.


Access to HQ RESTAURANT is restricted by passwords. Besides, sensitive information can be viewed, printed or changed only by using a special password.

Also on LAN:

HQ RESTAURANT is also available for use on Networks, which means that several persons can simultaneously enter transactions while a chosen few keep a track of reports.

Backed By HQ Expertise:

HQ RESTAURANT comes from HQ SOFT TECHNOLOGIES, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software. HQ RESTAURANT is backed by HQ SOFT TECHNOLOGIES comprehensive support and hands-on-training.

System Requirements :